Monday, November 10, 2014

Sight Word Fluency Essentials for Intervention and Small Group

I am so excited to have FINALLY finished the first round of Sight Word Fluency Essentials. Seriously, it took me about three months to complete the first set, and I am so excited that I get to share it with you! Learning sight words can be difficult for some of our little learners, so I wanted to create engaging activities that I could use during my intervention block. You can use this during intervention or in your small group block. I have included the first 50 sight words in McGraw-Hill's Wonders Reading Series, but you do not need the Wonders curriculum to use this resource. Each sight word is numbered so that you can keep everything in order!

I have included one "Read It, Trace It, Write It, Highlight It" activity for each sight word. This activity can be used to introduce the sight word for that week.

The Roadrunner Read is my students' favorite activity. The words are spiraled so that students continue to practice words for several weeks at a time. This can serve as a warm-up for students each day. You can choose to time students each day to monitor their progress throughout the week.

The Sight Word Fluency Passages are a great way for students to continue to practice their sight word fluency. If you print these in color, you will probably want to laminate these and use them year after year. On the first day, I have students highlight the focus sight word with a yellow highlighter. Then have students go back and highlight other sight words that they know or words that they can sound out on their own in a pink or blue highlighter. Afterwards we review the unknown words. Students practice this passage throughout the week until they can read it independently with expression.

I have also included 5 sets of "I Have, Who Has?" games that can be used in small group. This is a great way to review sight words each week.

Last, I included sight word flash cards that can be used in small groups or sent home for students to practice with at home.

I hope that you enjoy these! Be sure to check out the FREEBIE! Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions for future products!

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