Sunday, February 15, 2015

Kindergarten RTI: Letter Identification Essentials (Intervention & Small Group Resources)

Happy February, my friends! I hope you are all surviving these cold temperatures. I am currently sitting on the couch, fire in fireplace, with hot chocolate in hand. This is how I am feeling right at this moment.....

And since I don't have a million things to get ready for tomorrow, I thought I would FINALLY update the good old blog. I recently revised some of my RTI resources due to some of my students' needs and thought I would share! I am loving intervention time with my little kindergarteners. I'm not going to other students get a little bit jealous of the activities that we are doing at our table. That might have to be my next project!

The way that our schedule works, I have about 25 minutes to work with my small group. My teaching partners and I actually switch students due to the size of our school and students who need the support. The first half of the year, my group is mainly working on letter identification. Below are some of the resources that you will find in the letter identification bundle I created.

I keep all of my materials in a binder to stay somewhat organized. All students who are receiving intervention at my school have their own individual red folder. I put materials in plastic sleeves so that students can use them over and over again!

I introduce the focus letter each week by displaying the "I Can" poster and reviewing the "I Can" statement for the week.

I showcase several pictures of words that begin with the focus letter. My group typically works as a group to identify the beginning letter in each word. We then go back and search for other letters that we know.

Students work independently to find the focus letter, regardless of font! They love this!

The Roadrunner Read is a great way to practice letter name fluency. Students can highlight the focus letter and then practice reading the letters as fast as they can. Time students and then have them try to beat their own time!

Students can use dry-erase markers to practice forming the focus letter by placing the paper in a page protector. You can choose not to use the page protector and use some old-fashioned paper and pencil. :)

This is a great way to review and/or assess towards the end of the week! In our county we use the STARS assessment bi-weekly to monitor students progress, but I have included two different ways to assess your students as needed. And let's face it....sometimes you just need more than one type of assessment method.

What resources do you use during your intervention block?

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